Mermaid / Fossil Pendant

Mermaid / Fossil Pendant

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The pendants can only be used if our „Mermaid/Fossil Pendant +necklace“ or „Inca Pendant+ necklace“ are already amongst your posessions. This way the pendant can be exchanged with an already existing pendant.

Mermaid 2,4 x 2,4 inch
Fossil 0,8 x 2,8 inch
0,4cm thick gasket closure (0,2inch)

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  • Details

    The Fossil pendant consists of a painted wooden ball and a tassel. The Mermaid pendant consists of a hand-carved shell. Both pendants are connected by a loop. The production methods and nature of the material ensure that each pendant is one of a kind.

    The chains and clasp are free from nickel, cobalt, cadmium, chrome and rhodium.
    By burnishing and galvanizing the chains, the product is rust-free and the following colours are results of these procedures:

    Gold (14 Carat galvanised), matt black (burnished), metallic (electroplating), tricolor (mix of all colours).

    The gasket clasp is galvanised and protected by its coating.

    Although the product has an anti-rust protection, it is not suitable for regular contact with water (for example whilst taking a shower), sweat (exercise) or direct contact with perfume.